CitySource Seminar Series at FIT 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 from 6-8pm
Quick Turn Manufacturing = Quick Cash: Opportunities to Increase Turnover by Producing Locally

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 6-8pm
The Perfect Fit: Opportunities to Find “Your Fit”

This seminar will feature companies that can help you achieve the perfect fit including a company that does 3D body scanning and shape analysis, fit mannequins, as well as a technology company that can provide customized garments from any pattern. Additionally, we will also hear from a factory that purchased this technology through the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative program. 

CitySource January 23, 2018 Tradeshow Seminars at FIT

*All seminars and demos are free to attend. Please register for the tradeshow and demo. 

10:00am: How to Digitally Manage Your Design and Production
Techpacker, Sayam Kocher 

Techpacker is revolutionizing Product Lifecycle Management by delivering an online solution that enable design, merchandising, production and sales teams to stay connected and up to date on all product development information. From startup fashion business through major fashion brands, Techpacker has a solution for your product needs.

1:00pm: How to Get Purchase Order Financing
Hilldun Financial, Tim Moore

Financing is a critical component to the success of any fashion business and Hilldun Financial is a major force in the apparel industry. From factoring to purchase order financing, this seminar will educate the audience on best practices for managing your cash flow. Keeping up with an industry that delivers product almost monthly is one of the biggest challenges we face and understanding your options is paramount.

Demos- Show Floor

11:30: How to Easily Make Floral Creations MS Schmalberg; Adam and Warren Schmalberg

See right before your eyes how flowers are made and learn about all the ways they can transform your designs into one of kind, unique creations.

2:30: Fundamentals of Pleating
om and Sons/International Pleating; George Kalajian

Watch as the magical world of pleating is opened up to you as you see how table pleating is produced. Learn from one the top pleaters in the country, how pleating can bring to life your designs